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27 Jan 2017

For our corporate clients

We offer three types of assistance for various business spheres:



Cupcake catering event service

Our service Take a Cake EVENT ASSISTANT is aimed at helping a broad range of professionals in organizing events of all kinds and sizes. Check out our product suggestions at our Event Assistant Page.



Cupcake catering for business meetings and presentations

Take a Cake OFFICE ASSISTANT is just for you, office managers and office assistants, because we know you are often responsible for organizing and catering of the branch business meetings and presentations. We offer prompt communication, effortless order assembly and timely delivery, that will all save you time and contribute to your good professional performance. Check out our product suggestions at our Office Assistant Page.



HR initiatives with cupcake catering and cupcake gift suggestions

Take a Cake HR ASSISTANT works in favour of all HR Managers that are in charge of planning, organizing and executing HR initiatives: from talent acquisition, training, motivating and development of their company’s human capital. Check out our product suggestions at our HR Assistant Page.


Branded Cupcakes

Take a Cake’s branded cupcakes are the ideal, yet delicious advertising space for your brand and message. Their amazing taste becomes inseparable with their customized vision, and the fulfilling aftertaste makes your message long lasting. Our toppers are an alternative way we use to brand our cupcakes. This small, yet cute paper signs will present your message to your guests as an integral part of our delicious cupcakes’ fresh-baked smell. Check out our product suggestions at our Branded Cupcakes Page.

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Take A Cake Bakery
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