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Make a Delicious Present for Easter


When the chocolate bunnies start peeking around every corner, the Easter bread takes its honourable place in the middle, and the Easter eggs are ready, the holiday begins.

Apart from sweet little chicken and ladybugs, what else can be added to the picture? Of course we have an idea – a cupcake surprise from Take a Cake!

Let us introduce you to our Easter Cupcake – a good friend of the Easter Rabbit and a cousin of our Cocoa Cupcake.

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Our superdelicious Easter Cupcake fits perfectly into the festive spring landscape and even contributes to its colorful charm. How? With its nest of cocoa butter frosting and 3 mini chocolate eggs, full of peanuts.

Take a look at our festive Super Promo Set with 24 Easter Cupcakes – with free delivery in Sofia.

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And while Spinach, Easter Bread and Lamb have largely occupied the terrain, the delicious intentions of the Easter Cupcake can always join the table and make everything more fun.

After all, the most important thing about Easter is to spread the joy. Beautiful ideas, fresh air and green grass always help. That’s why we want to share with you 3 ideas for Easter fun:

Easter Express

If you are traveling for the holiday, take a box of Easter Cupcakes with you in the car and make a surprise present. You can be sure that everyone has thought of Easter bread, the chocolate bunnies will be covered, too, but no one expects delicious chocolate nests.

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Interior - exterior

If you are one of those people who love festive decorations, then you already have paper grass, chickens and themed napkins. Add the Easter Cupcake and you will steal all the Instagram hearts. Just so you know, we have mini cupcakes, as well. Order online and we’ll deliver them straight to your home!

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Cat Walk

Take a walk around old Sofia, down the wide festive streets, in the green parks. Imagine how the cats follow the sun, and you enjoy the birds and the trees while joyfully savouring a delicious Easter Cupcake. Our Benkovski Street bakery is just minutes away from the National Theatre Garden, and the one on Tulovo Street is in close proximity to the Doctor's Garden. Borisova Garden is not far away, too. Comfortable, right?

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Take а Cake wishes you a very happy and delicious Easter!

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* Min. order quantity: 6 standard or 24 mini cupcakes.