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How to order

Choose the cupcakes you want to order. The way of ordering depends on the type of products you’ve chosen

Products you can order for same day delivery

  1. Standard sized cupcakes and muffins
  2. Themed boxes
  3. Packaging, wishing greeting cards, accessories, if you add them to one of the aforementioned products
  • You can place an order two hours before the two-hour delivery or collect interval, the latest. In order to receive your order the same day between 12PM and 14PM, for instance, you need to place your order earlier than 10AM.
  • You can order for the same day until 16PM
  • If you place your order after 16PM, you can choose a two-hour interval for the next or any other day after the day you place your order. There’s only one exception: you cannot order for the first interval for the next day, namely between 08AM and 10AM
  • Delivery aside, you can always choose your favourite bakery where you can collect your order without paying delivery fee.

Products you can order for next day delivery at the earliest

  1. Party-sized Mini cupcakes and muffins
  2. Cupcake sets
  • You can place an order for the next day until 16PM of the present day.
  • As well as the day of delivery, you need to choose one of the standard two-hour delivery intervals.
  • Delivery aside, you can always choose your favourite bakery where you can collect your order without delivery payment.

Products you can order after sending an enquiry

  1. Wedding Cupcake sets
  2. Corporate products
  • Given the essence of both wedding and corporate products, the way of delivery or collecting from one of our bakeries will be arranged via e-mail correspondence after making an enquiry.
  • Click on the ‘Submit request’ button on the given product page and fill in the following form. We always try to answer as quickly as possible, the next working day the latest.

Packaging, greetig cards, accessories

  • You can view all of them in the Packaging, greeting cards, accessories section, but you cannot place an individual order for any of them.
  • To place an order for a certain packaging, a card or any other accessory, you can add if from the ‘Add accessories’ section at the given product page.

Receive your cupcakes without messing up your schedule. Or the schedule of the person you’re placing the order for

Delivery time intervals

  1. Take a Cake delivers your cupcakes every day from 8 AM until 20 PM on the territory of Sofia city.
  2. Take a Cake delivers in two hour intervals: 8AM-10AM, 10AM-12PM, 12PM-14PM, 14PM-16PM, 16PM-18PM, 18PM-20PM.
  3. After a given interval is full, it becomes inactive. The next interval becomes the first possible one to place your order for.
  4. For Standard sized cupcakes and muffins, Themed boxes and Accessories: any orders placed after 16PM, the first time interval (8AM-10AM) the next day automatically becomes inactive.
  5. For Party-sized Mini cupcakes and muffins and Cupcake sets: any orders placed after 16PM, cannot be executed on the next day.

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