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Hug a Tree, Kiss a Flower! And Make Everyone Happy on Palm Sunday with Take a Cake


Did you know that Palm Sunday is called Flower Day (Tsvetnitsa) in Bulgaria?

This year it falls on April, 21st. Mark the date, as Tsvetnitsa is a big name day feast and every person who carries the name of a flower or a tree has a reason to celebrate.

That’s why Take a Cake offers you a proven recipe for our beloved Tsvetnitsa with the following magnificent ingredients - flowers, trees and sweet cupcakes! When the feast is so big, and it is big in our country, the excitement flies from blossom to blossom and fills the bakery with good ideas.

Let us share one right away – the Rose Cupcake, a fragrant rose and a cupcake pastry in one. Imagine how everyone will smile at the elegant and delicious Rose Cupcake Box. It plays the role of a flower bouquet with a wink and a graceful decoration of dried pink buds. You can add a greeting card, as well.

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If you want to make a beautiful gesture for the most flowery of all the name days, Take a Cake will help you with even more cupcake inspirations. With them you can will easily turn your day or the day of someone special into a real celebration of delight.

Order in advance with delivery anywhere in Sofia or take your cupcakes from a Take a Cake bakery.

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We’ve also thought of those who refrain from buttery temptations - our vegan muffins whisper promises for a delicious mood.

We present you our pastries that don’t contain any ingredients of animal origin.

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And because every year on Tsvetnitsa we welcome spring to Take a Cake, we always look forward to this feast with great anticipation.

We celebrate with Rosa and Elitsa, with Yavor and Yassen, and so many more! Even if we wanted, we wouldn’t be able to list all the names that are beautifully related to nature. They pop up all around and never stop to surprise us. Surprise them yourself with a box, filled with one of our Take a Cake flavours!

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And just in case you don’t have a special plan for Tsvetnitsa, or Vrabnitsa, as we also call it, simply come by one of our bakeries. Alone, with a friend or a whole group, choose a delicious cupcake and enjoy a relaxing Sunday walk, while church bells are ringing and people are walking with willow branches in hand, exchanging wishes for good health.

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* Min. order quantity: 6 standard or 24 mini cupcakes.

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