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Dulce de Leche Cupcake


Our Dulce de Leche Cupcake is Take a Cake’s most tender love confession. This jam made of milk is something we’ve been meaning to use for a long time, and behold, the most romantic time of the year is the ideal birth time of our milky-caramel-cheese-cream-frosted cupcake, and it touches your senses like a sweet caress.

We made it happen by filling the classic Vanilla cupcake with Dulce de Leche. Now we’re about to tell you a bit more about this legendary sweet made of milk.

It’s a traditional Argentinian dessert and there’s an old telling for its origin. According to the myth, in 1829 there was a war going on in the Cañuelas province. The two enemy generals decided to make terms to an agreement. So general Manuel de Rosas invited general Lavelle to his camp site and when the guest arrived, he was very tired, so he fell asleep in the enemy’s tent while the host was away on his daily deeds. At the same time a few women were busy boiling milk with sugar for the soldiers, and they happened to find the enemy general in the tent, so they called upon the soldiers. At the exact same moment general Manuel de Rosas came back and prevented a horrible murder. In the commotion caused, the women forgot their milk on the fire, so they came to find a thick milky-caramel substance, which was called Dulce de Leche.

From that moment on Dulce de Leche became a loved dessert with many variations. In El Salvador, for instance, its structure is kept grainy, because they let the mix crystalize. In Central Mexico they add vanilla and there’s also a version made of goat milk which they call ‘caheta’. In Cuba Dulce de Leche is made of yoghurt, while in the Dominican Republic it’s made of equal parts milk and sugar, with added cinnamon. In Puerto Rico they sometimes use unsweetened coconut milk, and in Chile they add butter made of cannabis.

Our version of Dulce de Leche, of course, takes the form of a cupcake. We use the Vanilla Cupcake for a base because its tender delicate structure fits perfectly with the milky-caramel jam. The cheese cream frosting with that extra spoonful of Dulce de Leche on top, as well as the chopped hazelnuts on top are the right finish for this cupcake. Try it, it’s amazing!

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* Min. order quantity: 6 standard or 24 mini cupcakes.