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Children birthdays


A cake is an essential part of every children birthday. Aside from being beautiful in looks, it has to be delicious and made of real products. It would be best if it’s also easily served, so no one would be waiting more than any of the others, then we can make up the perfect solution.

Our Cupcake sets are just the thing. They’re delicious, made of real ingredients, freshly baked and decorated just before the moment you collect them.

As for the flavours, we’ve chosen the classic and most loved Vanilla Cupcake and our Cocoa Cupcake. Their dough doesn’t have any nuts, fruit, chocolate chips or alcohol. You can also add a disposable  three-stored cardboard cupcake stand. If you’re gonna celebrate the birthday in a special venue, a kindergarten or a school, we can also give you a special quality certificate for safe consumption.

You can also choose a party-sized cupcake set. For example, our 60 Vanilla Moments Cupcake set is made of 30 Mini Vanilla Cupcakes and 30 Mini Coco Cupcakes. It’s also perfect for a big children birthday celebration, where you can never count who’s eaten what.

For youngsters that have some established and preferred flavours, you can choose however many you like of our standard sized cupcakes and add a cupcake stand to make the most delicious and versatile cake for a birthday celebration to be remembered.

Of course, aside from being a great joy for the birthday boy/girl and the guests, our cupcake sets ensure even more free time for the parents themselves. You won’t be needed to cut a cake and to make sure everyone gets an even piece. You won’t need to clean up and wash dishes or cutlery. You can just open the cupcake boxes and arrange them as you wish.

The easiest and most convenient way to order a children cupcake set is to do this online. Log on, choose a cupcake set as well as a preferred payment method, and delivery. You can also collect the cupcake set from a bakery of your choosing or get it delivered in Sofia.

Our advantages

* Min. order quantity: 6 standard or 24 mini cupcakes.

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