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26 May 2017

Name Day Cupcakes

Name days are always a jolly occasion. Some lucky ones even have several ones a year. The tradition goes like this: you can visit your celebrating friend without being invited but you need to bring some treats. Speaking of practise, whenever you need something sweet, the best treat is always in the form of cupcakes.

We reccomend the following options.

Name Day Cupcake

If you’re in need of a small but lovely surprise, pop by our bakeries on 1 Tulovo Str. or 6 Georgi Benkovski Str. and get a box of one cupcake with a message, that you can gift to the name guy/girl.

A box of six special name day cupcakes can be ordered via our website and you can also choose between a white cardboard package and luxury bordeaux one. You can also add a wishing card with a handwritten message on your behalf. If you don’t have the time to pick the box up yourself, we can also deliver it to your door (link), or straight to the receiver.

Name Day box

Especially for your favourite name day people, whenever you’re in charge of the celebration itself, you can make use of our gift ideas placed in the PROMO section, where you can find our special price suggestions.

promo cupcakes

Of course, the biggest part in a celebration is the treat itself and that’s a job for the name day person. Whenever you’re the one celebrating and you need to make sure that all your guests get a cupcake, we suggest you try our party-sized cupcakes. You can mix and match your favourite flavours, just be sure to choose at least 24 of each flavour.

With the help of our three-strored cardboard cupcake stands our smaller cupcakes will form a beautiful, big cake, that’s convenient for serving both a home party and a venue party.

60 moments vanilla

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