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25 Jan 2017

Lemon creme Cupcake

This is our Lemon Cream cupcake.

This piece is so delicious that it barely made it to the photoshoot. Every time we start baking it, the whole bakery smells of lemon. This vanilla-based cupcake has a heart of cream cheese enhanced with lemon juice.
Its frosting is soft and fluffy, made of cream cheese, cow’s butter and powdered sugar, and we finish it by adding lemon jam on top.

You can always use it as a delicate reminder of a trip to the seaside.

Or as a fresh breakfast after a long night out.
Or as a refreshing afternoon snack at the office.
Or you can simply order it just to try one of the most delicious cupcakes we’ve came up with lately. :)

Lemon Creme Cupcake

You can find it fresh out of the oven every day in our bakeries on 1 Tulovo str and 6 Georgi Benkovski str, and also online.

We suspect that a combination of our Lemon Cream cupcake, our Strawberry one and the Chery in liquor cupcake can be irresistible and merciless. Maybe you can come up with something even more tempting? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page or just leave a comment here.

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