Cocoa Cupcake
27 Jan 2017

Cocoa Cupcake

It’s one of the base flavours in our bakeries and it’s a well-acclaimed favourite amongst the people who appreciate a blunt chocolate taste. It’s a part of our everyday menu all year long and it’s often invited to lots of business parties and corporate events because the branding decorations suit it well.

It’s also the base for other flavours such as our Cherry in Liquor, Happy Birthday Cupcake, Happy Holiday Cupcake, and our Chocolates and Hazelnuts Cupcake, whilen it’s an active part of our Bachelorette themed box - all of them can also be found in our everyday menu.

Cocoa Cupcake

The base is made of classic cocoa dough which we use fresh eggs, German cow’s butter and Belgian cocoa to make. We mix all the ingredient according to a special method, we then bake and leave the cupcakes to cool down on a tray. The final result is always a fine, velvety structure. Like this, they are almost harmless and you can eat the whole batch.

The frosting is, however, what makes out of the ordinary cocoa cupcakes our Cocoa Cupcake.

Cocoa Cupcake

It’s made with real butter, powdered sugar and lots of cocoa. It’s also very stable and suitable for transportation, which makes this particular flavour very suitable for both events and gift boxes.

For all your passionate Cocoa Cupcake fans, we made the I love you Cupcake Set.

The set is made of 6 Cocoa Cupcakes, 6 Red Velvet Cupcake, 24 Mini Cocoa Cupcakes decorated with red fondant hearts, as well as a disposable three-stored cupcake stand.

I Love You Cupcake Set

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