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Wedding Rose Cupcake Set

With its taste so blissfully tender, our Wedding Rose is a natural charmer in white, sprinkled with dried rose buds and petals.... View full description
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With its taste so blissfully tender, our Wedding Rose is a natural charmer in white, sprinkled with dried rose buds and petals.

For the most romantic occasion we brought together high-quality Belgian white chocolate Callebaut, pistachios and bio rose water, and then we turned the cupcakes into fragrant roses with our white fluffy cream cheese frosting. We added from the special water in it, as well, for an extra dose of fine rosy magic!

Wedding Rose or Dulce de Leche Wedding Set? 24 or 240?

Take a Cake’s wedding cupcake sets offer endless combinations of flavours and decorations, and they can be prepared for any number of guests.

The dried pink buds and petals are grown by organic standards in the Bulgarian Rose valley. The cream cheese frosting is made of real products and the batter is baked on your wedding day, right after preparation, so that the queen of the evening can be fresh and wonderfully delicious.

Besides being trendy, beautiful and tasty, our wedding cupcake sets have many other advantages:

  • You can choose a flavour from all the cupcakes offered at Take a Cake.
  • If you want, you can have a set with more than one flavour.
    You can include vegan muffins for vegans.
  • And serving is quick and elegant – every guest gets their personal small cake, that’s the true nature of our Take a Cake cupcakes.

24 cupcakes shine brightly in the beautiful silhouette of the wedding cupcake set, that everyone will remember. At the top, of course, there’s a crown - this is the small cake for the newlyweds. Once you cut it, the ritual of your “Yes!” is complete.

Then, in perfect harmony, the ready pieces in the shape of cupcakes are served quickly, easily and elegantly. And when the guests try them, they will enjoy 24 moments of the passion that lies in the heart of your Wedding Rose!

The Wedding Rose cupcake set includes:

  • 24 Rose Cupcakes
  • Crown cake with three layers
  • One-day rental of a metal stand

Each wedding cupcake set can be modified to meet the special wishes of the newlyweds and to match the style of the wedding party.

Weight of one Rose Cupcake: 90 g +/- 5%

Weight of the crown cake Rose Cupcake: 950 g +/- 5%

Ingredients: cow’s butter, white powdered sugar, cream cheese, white wheat flour, eggs, white crystal sugar, pistachio, white chocolate, bio rose water, organic dried rose buds, baking powder, organic dried rose petals, salt.

Allergens are in bold.

Nutrition Facts. Amount per 100 grams: Energy 1962.0 kJ/468.9 kcal. Fats: 29.0 g, of which Saturates 16.6 g. Carbohydrates 46.7 g, of which Sugars 37.7 g. Protein: 5.3 g. Salt: 0.3 g.

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