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We give you six of our most liked flavours, all gathered in one mega product for your party time.


Cherry in liquor – a juicy, slightly dizzying, pastry masterpiece. A classic Cocoa Cupcake, saturated with sugar syrup with rum, and filled with high-quality whole cherry jam, topped with fresh Take a Cake cheese cream icing. Bon appetit and cheers!

Raspberry & Chocolate – Belgian natural chocolate chips and raspberry jam with a lot of fruit in creamy, freshly mixed batter, immediately baked. Our famous light cheese cream icing complements and enriches this raspberry-chocolate sensation for you.

Dulce de Leche – jam made of milk with caramel taste in vanilla cupcake. Fluffy, fresh cheese cream icing on top of that. And more milk jam on top of it. A multi-layered milky, caramel, vanilla, cheese creamy cloudlet.

Red Velvet – the pastry, movie and pop legend with velvety texture of freshly baked airy batter made with natural cocoa and buttermilk. But this is only the beginning.  We achieve this balanced flavour with our freshly mixed by a special method, fluffy cheese cream icing.

Chocolate and hazelnuts – King Chocolate rules here. Cocoa batter, mixed by the creaming method and baked without delay. Natural Belgium chocolate ganache inside. Topped with cocoa butter cream. And more ganache on top of it. All that combined for your multi-layered chocolate pleasure.

Strawberry – a heart of high-quality whole strawberry, wrapped by a tender Vanilla Cupcake. The light vanilla batter, creamed and baked immediately, gives the base of the next layer – the freshly mixed Take a Cake cheese icing. Light, fruity, and fresh.

6 of our best-selling cupcakes with 6% off regular price.

The set includes: 4 Cherry in liquor Cupcakes, 4 Raspberry & Chocolate Cupcakes, 4 Dulce de Leche Cupcakes, 4 Red Velvet Cupcakes, 4 Chocolate and hazelnuts Cupcakes, and 4 Strawberry Cupcakes. You can find the ingredients on their respective detailed product pages on our website.

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Pick a day and a suiting time interval when you can receive the delivery or collect your order from one of our bakeries. If you're unable to see the desired date and time interval, that means it's allready filled up, or that we need more time in order to prepare your order.

More information on our 'Delivery/click and collect' page.

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